National City Carpet Cleaning

National City Carpet Cleaning

National City Carpet Cleaning has been serving the entire San Diego area for well over ten years with all their cleaning requirements.  We offer top-notch quality cleaning services and products we well as being industry experts in residential and commercial cleaning.  National City Carpet Cleaning offers cleaning services like stain removal, pet urine cleaning, mattress cleaning, drapery cleaning, steam furniture and carpet cleaning, deep furniture and carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and several other sought-after cleaning services for homeowners and business owners!

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Our San Diego carpet cleaning specialists at National City Carpet Cleaning delivers the safest cleaning products and services for your home or business!  We use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products that don’t have the harsh chemicals, so it is much safer for everyone.  Not only do we use more reliable products, but we save on water as we don’t need to use as much water like other carpet cleaning services, and this means your carpets will dry so much faster!

Plenty of homeowners and businesses have benefited from our leading-edge cleaning products and services for several years! National City Carpet Cleaning will do the following:

• Kills and Gets Rid of Bugs, Bacteria & Pollutants out of Carpet and Furniture


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Exotic Rugs cleaned by National City Carpet Cleaning

National City Carpet Cleaning is also an industry leader in cleaning and restoring all types of rugs!  We think of oriental rugs and exotic rugs like works of art and are always are a beautiful accent to any room. Just like with carpeting, rugs also get dirty like the carpets in your home or business.  Our certified cleaning professionals do know how to properly take care of your valuable rug, and that is with lots of attention and care to very little fine detail.


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National City Air Duct Cleaners


Did you know that your air ducts in your home should be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year to help keep your home cleaner and healthier?  Many homeowners are not aware of the importance of having their air ducts properly cleaned, especially for those who suffer allergies or asthma.  Imagine all the dust, allergens, bacteria, mold and other pollutants building up in your air ducts.

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When the heat or the air conditioner is on, nasty pollutants are being blown all over you house.  For an affordable price, National City Carpet Cleaning will clean and sanitize your air ducts, killing and getting rid of any contaminants left behind in the air ducts.

Our focus here at National City Carpet Cleaning is to provide outstanding quality service at the most affordable prices in the industry. Our reputation is our highest honor, and we are honored to be known as one of the top service providers in the National City area. We are always there when needed most from convention centers that need to be to be presentable in a short time all the way to a restaurant that needs to open with its carpets cleaned. We are your answer; our company specializes in large commercial carpet cleaning as well.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Our services are always 100% fully guaranteed – You can count on it!  Regardless if you require carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaned, tile or grout cleaned, we know you will be with National City Carpet Cleaning.  If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied, just let us know, and we will happily make sure you are satisfied before we leave your location.
For the last ten years, we have been effectively serving the National City area with our professional cleaning services!  You cannot ever go wrong with our excellent services!  We pride ourselves in having the industry’s most proficient technicians on board and ready to serve any of your customers’ cleaning requirements.  If you would like to have the National City Area’s most regarded and trusted professional cleaning service take care of all your residential or business carpet cleaning or other cleaning needs, just pick up the phone and give National City Carpet Cleaning Service a call.
National City Carpet Cleaning

National City Carpet Cleaning Areas Served:


National City, San Diego, Chula Vista, San Diego, Bonita, Coronado, Lemon Grove, La Presa, Imperial Beach, Spring Valley, La Mesa, Rancho San Diego, Tijuana, Mexico El Cajon, Bostonia, Santee and Lakeside.


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